Look Ma, I'm blogging!

Here's my thought. A blog of the writing life just might be a great way to spend time when I'm procrastinating other things. Such as writing. Or filing the piles of paper fanning across my desk. Cleaning the kitchen sink, or returning books to the library. Yes, the best time to start this blog is now, when my computer addiction seems to be in high gear, my work ethic is waning and my visions of being a domestic goddess are a nice idea I may have had. Once. On a Thursday in a leap year. (Oops. That's today.) Thank you, Lisa, for the inspiration and decadent food photos, which make me realize I could be baking or cooking something Valentine-like, or even at this moment wrapping the few valentine things I have for my family. So much for inspiration, eh? But I love words. What I love about words is you don't really have to know what you're going to say next in order to say it. Sounds contradictory, but the surprise of writing creatively is one of the best things that can happen. That first burst, that initial moment-in-the-moment when the process surprises you, when ideas land in various shapings of twenty-six letters. Half an hour ago I didn't know I was starting this blog. Surprise!

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  1. Go Christi! Imagine me inspiring you!

    I love your blog already, and this is just day one. The way you talk about words, the way you gather them on a page, makes me want to sit down and write.

    So, here’s to blogging, and spontaneity, and the beginning of a great new adventure!


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