We're a society of assumers. If you are a star-bellied sneetch, for example, then folks will assume you hang out in West Sneetchville with the other star-bellied sneetches, strictly avoiding green eggs and ham. (Yes, I'm mixing my Suess books here.) Recently I've had several people make assumptions based on books I've had published. Yes, they were Christian books. No, I don't teach classes on Christian fiction. No, I don't write Christian fiction. Yes, I accept student writers of all shapes, sizes, faiths and eating habits. I believe in breaking down walls, not raising them up. I believe in peeling off labels, not sticking them on. Rather than toss you in a bin like a variety of apple, I'd rather get to know you. I want to listen to your story and interesting points of view. True writing comes from seeing the world for what it is and seeing people for who they are. Why try to force everything into a tiny box of one's own culture and experience? Well, it happens. People are quick with labels. Here's one attempt to dissuade them with a disclaimer.

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