Smile and Wave at the Nice People

I've been blogging Kindling a couple of months now, and I find it's a great compliment to my writing, teaching, coaching, journaling, and whatever else I happen to be doing. Thank you to all the fine writers and creatives who've become a part of this. Hi Lisa! (Wave, wave. ) Hi Jeff! Thanks for your "reverse encouragement!" Oh, hello Annie! (Dillard, of course. Didn't you folks wonder where she goes for inspiration?)

I love any and all comments from those who've found the prompts helpful. I'm hearing that you liked the brevity and practicality. I do appreciate your notes (christikrug at yahoo dot com). Your writing, creating, doodling, journaling - they matter. Carla, on her blog, Riverclouds, writes about how your creativity changes the world. Let's keep it going.

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  1. When I was in high scholl, my English teacher made a comment about my seminal attempts at poetry, to the effect that I was a liar who had plagiarized some obscure verse, but could not possibly have written such things.
    Had this teacher given me the opportunity I would have produced some samples "extempore".
    To me, as an adult her attitude represented the worst in education-a closed mind. I always wondered how many students have undergone the same sort of discouragement.


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