Don't Say It's Real

When I mention to people I meet that I'm a writer, I get some interesting responses.

Tilly Mook: Really? I wrote a story once. It was published in my church newsletter.

Mo Lalla: I'm a freelance writer too. I've had three articles published. The last piece I wrote was rejected, though. (Christi: And when was that?) 1996.

Salishan: I'm a writer, too--a poet! I wrote a poem and my family loved it. I might write another one. This year's not too good.

Willy Ammette: I had a poem published in this great collection - the name escapes me. When I send them $54.99 for the book, they'll send me a copy.

Lewis River: Everybody says I'm talented but I don't know. Last year I submitted my first story for publication and it was rejected. I couldn't handle it.

Este Cada: I've thought about writing. Would love to someday. If I ever have time.

In the above actual examples (with names changed, could you tell?), the speaker wasn't actively writing. Daily, weekly, monthly, as long as writing is ongoing in your life, consider yourself a writer. If you dream of writing, or if you used to write, great. But know that the past is past, and the future will never arrive.

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  1. I remember that fear, many years ago of making the statement "I'm a writer" (or an artist) because I wasn't being published or making money at it!
    I got over that.:)
    If you write, you're a writer. If you create art, you're an artist. I may not be as _____(fill in the blank) as some other person, but it's uniquely MINE. Yeah baby.

    I find myself writing in my head when it's not on paper. Forming sentences or trying to figure out how to capture the essence of something I can't find words for. It's a lovely habit.


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