The Only Real Rule

At my prayer group last Saturday, we went around the circle and each shared something we had learned from our practice. Halfway around, one participant shrugged and blushed and said, "I'm brand new to this. All I know is 'just show up.'"

It was all she needed to know.

Woody Allen said, "Ninety percent of success is just showing up." Too often we leave the scene before our writing has had a chance.

Your job isn't to be a genius, brilliant, edgy, inspired and original. Your job as a writer is simply to show up.

We want to spare our egos from bruising and our ears from ridicule. We fear our writing will waste time, money and effort. We're tired and busy. We stop showing up.

Give that writer in you, that newcomer, her place in the world. If you don't bring her to the circle, no one will.

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