Anger in the Body

"Today I get to be jet lagged in the city of my mother's youth, with a searing ache beginning in my lower lumbar, running down the length of my right leg to my big toe. My sciatica, informing me of ignored anger. It is my way of giving myself a perpetual kick in the ass." --Maureen, in her memoir-in-progress

Our bodies do have a way of betraying our anger. This emotion is excellent tinder for writing.

What are you angry about, and how is this showing up in your life?

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  1. There is one issue in our lives that gives my body an immediate physical reaction. Whenever we have to deal with this issue (and it makes me very angry) my heart starts beating faster, I start to sweat and my neck and shoulders seize up instantly. I have to remind myself breathe...breathe...breathe..


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