Is it that time again? Another day to blog? How can I come up with something relevant? How can I change the world with my little posts? I don't have a clue in my head what to say. I need to plant the herbs I got from the Herb Festival. I need to check my email thirteen more times. I'm not a real blogger anyway.

- or -

Another chance to be surprised. Time to sit down and do something that is a part of my work in the world, even if I'm the only person who knows it. I'll blog about the herbs I picked up yesterday: the lavender is young and small with buds still smooth and curled up, like a litter of puppies that hasn't opened its eyes. I wonder what their faces will be like? I'm so glad I have this moment to practice putting my ideas into words.

The conversation you choose to have before you write determines everything. And you do have a choice.


  1. you're changing me with your little posts...i check everyday.

  2. You certainly have my number today! Often enough, after I write a post I think, "I'm really glad I took the time to put that into words."

    But you are right. If I would only think that way before I write, wonderful things might happen!


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