Unwrap Your Shame

"What people are ashamed of usually makes a great story." --F. Scott Fitzgerald

This week my writers touched upon topics which showed them attitudes they were ashamed of. Zoey described an old friend's physical appearance as sloppy and off-center and mismatched. This made her feel catty. She wanted to take that part out.

Ray wrote about how things seemed to be clicking with an online dating profile. "And then I pushed the MORE PHOTOS button." He wrote how disappointed he was in himself that he was unable to get past the shape of the woman. "The word 'shallow' comes to mind."

Each of these writers began well, going to a place where they saw their own weakness. Each of these writers was repulsed by what they found in themselves and pulled away. I encouraged them to continue with the descriptions they had begun, even as they observed their own shameful attitudes. From there, understanding could grow.

Once I found myself writing about a co-worker's highwater pants and garish clothing combos. I criticized the way she looked to have outgrown her clothes while exuding poise and confidence. To write all this, explaining my feelings, detailing all the sights, gave me a new understanding of myself.

What are you ashamed to say?

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  1. I forgot to mention, what I'm unwrapping in this picture is a box for a Tur-Duck-Hen. Very weird.


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