Ignored Needs

There are certain needs a writer must meet for herself in order to write. One of my needs is something I don't like to address: a clean desk. I ignore this need as long as I can.

My brain short-circuits at the sight of all my strewn papers, scattered notebooks, unopened mail, and tottering piles of books, their pages bumpy with the improvised bookmarks of pens, combs and paperclips.

I'm the only person who can do something about it.

Whenever I take the time to stop and do the tedious work of cleaning my desk, I sigh and say to myself, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I can think more clearly; I can write.

What do you need as a writer? Are you taking care of this need or ignoring it?


  1. I usually convince myself I need chocolate! But yes, clean desk is often helpful, as well. In fact, my entire little corner cubby of the room could use a good spring cleaning, at the moment, and I've been threatening to get it done all week.

    Came this way via Ren, via Learn Nothing Day post. Very nice to read you.

  2. Thanks, Tracy! So nice to have you here. I have a special place in my heart for unschoolers. I am currently unschooling myself . . .


  3. Chocolate is good for the muse...yes, yes.:)
    (as she sits at her cluttered desk)

    I wanted to say "I agree" about the risk associated with not only living things but all creative endeavors. Yes, yes again.


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