Wednesday's New Old Thing

Today's old thing done up new was wearing flip-flops.

I wore them six blocks - the most I could manage. I'd forgotten how uncomfortable the strap can be, rubbing the skin between the big toe and second toe. (Which leads me to the question: why doesn't that part of the body have a name? There are many fascinating names for oft-overlooked parts of the body. For instance, the loose skin on a person's throat, a "dewlap.")

These sandals were called by a different name when I was a kid. Whatever you call them, they did make me feel like a kid out walking to the Seven-eleven Store for Hubba Bubba. Even the snap-snap of the rubber against my heels was the rhythm of chewing bubble gum. The airy feel of this footwear was freeing, but for the grown-up me, it made me nervous. I recently heard a foot doctor condemn flip-flops for their lack of foot support.

The word "flip-flops" hints of changing one's mind, which is something I like to do often, no matter what shoes I'm wearing.

How about you? What can you write about flip-flops?

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