High Tech

I try to do some writing longhand, every day, to stay connected to an older way of doing things. And yet I love my computer. I confess to having a love/hate relationship with it.

High Tech
By CJ Krug

Some day they’ll do a study
Proving computers zap your neurons
Cell phones kill your cells
And conveniences aren’t.

It’s not convenient to be
Relieved of your most vibrant thoughts.
High speed access slows the blood,
Weakens the frequency of your spirit.

They’ll find that people
Who don’t limit themselves
To screens, headphones, and hookups
Have a mystifying superior power;
Repel cancer, achieve goals.

The research will take thousands of computer hours,
Dozens of gadget-wired brainwork,
And reams of evidence
Leading to further speculation and study

Until one day everyone will power up
Their hard drives, googling the website
Where they can download
Brilliant new findings.

If you wait the eternity
Of tired blue nanoseconds -
Depending on your server speed -
It will change your life.

So what the heck are we doing here? All right now, get off this blog.

Put your computer into hibernate and grab a pen or pencil - make that a quill. Start by putting down your thoughts about technology.

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  1. It's funny you wrote about this because I was just telling Bleu the other night, how I write differently when I do it by hand.

    I can actually feel the difference instantly...my thoughts are different, my relationship with the written word very different.

    I still write by hand a lot. Something about the way my brain functions.

    But I do love my technology too.:)


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