The Practice and Price of Freewriting

Freewriting, timed writings, writing practice - all these are terms for the quick, uncensored bursts of writing which can supply you with your most sparkling ideas.

In Wildfire Writing classes, I refer to this activity as Practice Writing. Practice isn't always fun. Or comfortable. Or convenient. Or desired. The discomfort that comes with practice writing is the price paid for this bridge to your most creative insights, which reside just below consciousness.

Punctuation doesn't matter. Rules are disregarded. All one must heed is the writing, nonstop, even if the words garble.

One of my favorite budding writers is Larry Logan. Here's his description of the Practice Writing process - a beautiful freewrite.

When I write . . . I spit and sputter, fuss and fume, electricity jumps the wire, off course then a river in cool forest flow move drop by degrees to the basin where I hear a sound it growls hissing then screams frightening my brain trips in space free fall. Behind I run wild from doom behind in front it shows I stop splat into mountain Where where to go left right I twist in the wind. Running from monster inside but I try we try moving frantic thinking it helps but in circle around me unavoidable stop freeze look understand feeling deep not a monster but a child in pain I forgive hold tight feel a painful peace blending in sunlight and cool grass.

Your turn. For ten minutes, write whatever enters your mind, even sadness, fear, emptiness. Practice.

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