Hunting A Memory

I was rifling through my filing cabinet today, cleaning out files. (Something I hate to do.) Thought I'd check the file labeled, "Blog." A blue file. Inside, a note in green sharpie: "See red box on the shelf behind you. To the left."

Whaa? Treasure hunt instructions! In my own file. Now that's a clever idea someone in my body must've thought of. I mean, it was my handwriting and all, but I had no recollection.

Mystified, I whirled around, hunted under the green silk curtain that covers the bookshelf. Sure enough, a red box. Inside, scraps of my elementary school work, old birthday cards, letters, report cards. So many memories, worth keeping, honoring. And this certificate made me smile. It was almost exactly as I had remembered in "A Memory of Bees."

So write your future self a note, set upon a treasure hunt, uncover something halfway forgotten. Surely you don't have anything more important to do.

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