Sharper Than Your Average Sharpie

Monday's Ordinary Thing: the sharpie. It touches soft to the paper. It makes quite the mark. Blunt and thick, it often seeps clear through the other side.

There is no question what I've written. I can cover the scribbles and mistakes of thinner inks. I can cross things off with my commanding, powerful pen.

The chemical scent might bother me, but doesn't. It's an industrial, rattlecan assault but it recalls turpentine used to clean paintbrushes in happy hours. It reminds me of my big brother's airplane glue. I am using a tool that speaks: I am here.

Too, there is the possibility of stains - always. To use a sharpie is to live boldly, knowing one errant stroke can ruin your jacket or jeans. See how you have survived another writing experience unscathed!

When I use pencil, words disappear under my light hand. I whisper. Sharpie pens are my microphone. My shout.

A sharpie lets me be heard. There's nothing ordinary about that.

Write about a favorite writing utensil. What special power does it impart to you?

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