What the Fly Knows

Monday's ordinary thing: the fly.

There's more to a fly than meets the eye. Here's a piece written for Wildfire Writing class. It smacks of secrets - the secrets we keep and hold onto as writers, and those that flit and fly from our hands.

The Fly On The Wall
by Chuck Taylor

The fly on the wall knows. The fly listens to all. He knows what you know. All your secrets are in the fly on the wall. No wonder we haul out the fly swatter and chase that darn fly around the room. Hurry! You grow more frustrated each time you swing: there go your secrets. You cannot let them escape. Swing, swing, swing. The frustration becomes overwhelming as you notice the kitchen window is open. Now, the blood pressure is rising, your face is red, you are ready to explode. Swing, swing, swing. The beads of sweat are starting to roll. What would happen if that fly escaped? It cannot happen.

Through the flurry you notice. The fly has disappeared; it can't be found. You sit down. Take a deep breath. Slowly you return to normal. It will be alright.

Then you hear the sound. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Horsefly, housefly, dragonfly, tse tse fly: write about a fly.

Thanks for the pic to Jason Love who provides daily funny cartoons at his site.

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