A Letter

I wrote a letter today. I wrote it with real writing. You know what I mean: I didn't just jot down notes about the weather, but spoke from my heart, and found images sneaking onto the page that delighted me, and learned as I went along what it was I wanted to say.

It was lovely. I feel like I've discovered amazing new technology. Here are some of the best parts:

I used my fountain pen, and swirled my b's and the tips of my c's.

I used thick lavender card stock (couldn't find any stationery, but this cast-off from scrapbooking worked well).

I thought about my reader, and could focus on my friend rather than oodles of anonymous blog-readers. (No offense, folks!)

It felt quiet. It felt nourishing. Now I see why John Steinbeck would warm up to his novel-writing each day by penning a letter.

Try it! You are a writer, and you can write a letter.

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