A Like Poem

Love poems: there are so many. But here is Barb's reinvention of the love poem. I'm proud of it, as it had its roots in our Wednesday morning class.


by Barb McCourtney

Why do I liketh thee?
Let me count the ways.

I liketh thee for thy depth and breadth and height.
Thy humor touches my soul
And stretches my jaw.

I liketh thee for thy gray matter
That gels and swells,
Then pauses for deep thoughts.

I liketh thee for the way thou
So carefully puteth together thy words,
Sometimes with thy pen, other times with thy lips.
I wisheth I were thy words.

I liketh thee for the way
We giggle and goofle when we are together,
Puzzling our peers, causing ungodly gossip.

I liketh thee for thy entrancing saucer-sized eyes
That twinkle with laughter, capture my heart,
And ogleth me on the sly. (I especially liketh that.)

I liketh thee for thy gentle wisdom,
Seeming to know what I most need
When I need it and how much.

I liketh thee for how thou maketh me feel,
Sometimes baffled with sweet ambivalence,
Other times twitterpated to my innermost.

But most of all,
I liketh thee because thou first liketh me.

Write a like poem. For a person, pet, friend, restaurant. Or perhaps a poem of unrequited liking.

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