Monday's ordinary thing is something we touch every day, backpack trips notwithstanding. Where would we be without soap?

My favorite soap gives me a little happiness throughout the day. It's a marbled green and black bar cut from a large waxed block - kind of like cheese - handmade by the people at Lush. It has the evil name of Demon in the Dark. I keep it by the kitchen sink, and with each lathering, sweet peppermint scents climb from my hands to my nose.

My friend DC has a different experience of soap, below.

"I get absolutely nauseated by the smell of Zest soap. I will not even walk down the soap aisle in a store just to avoid the mere possibility of smelling it. I had never used it before in my life until I joined the Navy. We were all forced to use it in boot camp because it didn’t leave a film in the showers that 80 guys used. I haven’t touched the stuff since I got out of boot camp and the mere smell of it invokes a visceral reaction."

How about you? Write about soap.

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