"Now it happened that Kanga had felt rather motherly that morning, and Wanting to Count Things — like Roo's vests, and how many pieces of soap there were left, and the two clean spots in Tigger's feeder." --A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner*

Like Kanga, I find there's something comforting about counting. It sort of makes me feel in control - even if I can't do anything about the things I count.

Several years ago I met at an older gentleman at Silver Falls Park. He pulled out a little notebook, with notations he'd made for over 25 years. It included every hike he'd taken, and all the times he'd visited these falls. He'd logged thousands of miles, he said, grinning through his silver beard. He charmed me with his counting, and the wonder it held for him.

Some things I've been counting:

Cups of cornflour and teaspoons of baking powder; tonight I made cornbread for dinner.
Twenty-five random facts about myself, which I wrote today to share with friends.
Calories. Been counting daily since Christmastime - at which time I counted a few extra pounds.
Miles. I count the miles I walk or run every week, and now, like the Silver Falls gentleman, I make note of the trail in my moleskin notebook.
Change, to make bus fare for daughter number two.
Children. Daughters one and two; stepsons one and two. Equals four.
Mothers. I've had four, two of which are still mothering me.
Short stories. I just had my fourteenth published.
Saturdays, until the 3rd Saturday, when I attend my prayer group.
Things I've done. Like my friend Doreen, I create Done Lists, for after I complete a task. I get to feel more accomplished that way.
Thankfulnesses. These go in my journal, and make me feel more thankful. It really is true what they say about counting blessings.
What about you? What do you count? We tend to count what counts, so sketch up some lists. It's a sign of what's important to you.

*Find out your "Pooh-sonality" here.

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