Two Minute Poem Grab

I'm making this up on the spot.

Set a timer for two minutes. Write down about two or three dozen words within reach of you right now. What's on the computer screen doesn't count.

My list:

Minnie. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Manchuria
Plea. Address events. Time-all.
destroying farms in Kansas. Ms.
SunLight Lamp
Last great work, the ultimate expression
Fidelity. PO Box. Chocolate. Tales and Love.
Touch. Sheets. Ron's.

Now take a couple of minutes and just put them in different order. Add a few conjuctions to give the hint of sense, but don't worry about it. You don't have to use every word. Here's mine:

Friday's Grab

Fidelity and chocolate,
The ultimate expression of
Ms. Minnie and Ron on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Destroying farms in Kansas with a
Sunlight lamp.
Monday, Manchuria P.O. Box tales
Touch sheets: the last great work.
A plea, love.

Now do this.

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