How To Have More Time

Here's the recipe...

Priority Soup

by Christi Krug

1) Combine in a large pot everything you’re doing: work activities, household tasks, family duties, personal obligations. Measure waking and sleeping hours.

2) Set to simmer on burner at medium heat. Watch carefully.

2) Separate out every undesirable rind, husk, or seed. (Working on the committee, tackling the overgrown weeds, feeding overly dependent teenagers, half-heartedly throwing the party.)

3) Skim off the top.

4) Add a cup of “no.”

3) Cover. Lower heat.

4) Allow to thicken.

5) There should now be room in the pot for an ingredient you’ve been missing: a tennis match with your sweetheart, a hike in the mountains, taking a painting class, finishing that novel, seeing an old friend.

6) Garnish liberally with smiles and happy sighs.

Where can you add a cup of "no"? Check your fridge and be sure you have a fresh bottle. You might have to borrow from a neighbor.

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