A Journal Entry

(This is where all my poems come from.*)

Write in a journal. Even the first page.

(*Yes, there are needless repetitions, and a spelling error, and the lines are crooked. It's messy, as birthing-places are.)


  1. Usually, I write in one of my notebooks/workbooks. There are times where I hash out poem ideas on the keyboard, but it's always awesome to write in a notebook so I can cut, scribble, arrow, etc. Typing can be convenient, but it's an awesome feeling when the work is handwritten.

  2. Zay, thanks for the feedback. I like the reminder to cut, scribble, and arrow poem ideas. It gives them a special depth, marks them in our minds in a way that highlighting text will never do. Keep writing and making poems!


Thanks for your comment! I love feedback.