Important and Less Important

I've been thinking how this blog is not the entire stack of wood - just the kindling. It is not the blaze itself.

It is good to know the place of things, to keep them in perspective. Put your energies into what is most important to you, not necessarily the first thing people see when they think of your work.

Let lesser outlets fall lower on the priority list, don't let them get out control. Or - these things may find a way of taking over. I've found I can tamp down these items into smaller containers by doing them quickly, imperfectly, and without fuss - telling myself this is okay. Wonderful, in fact.

What truly is important to you today?

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  1. I find it really good that i can blog and it does help, whether they were written in maybe not a way others would think, but it's for me, and that's what matters at the time i wrote them by not detailing too much,i guess.

    I like your writings, cya.


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