A Rose for Mom

I'm giving art for Mother's Day, and it makes me happy. I think of being five and picking roses from the neighbor's yard to give to my mother. I think, too, of drawing pictures hour after hour for my other mom, who always gave me support and encouragement. So I give this rose and present this riddle:

Why is a mother like a rose?

Because she just is and there's nothing you can do about it.

To whom do you enjoy giving your art?


  1. When i was young, I brought home some artworks from my Arts & Music class and give them to my parents.

    I have been slowly reading your older post while i'm here, so will keep on reading more each time i stop by. Thanks for sharing; it's a joy reading them.

  2. Wow, so warm and creamy, what contrasts and values...I just love being able to toss around my artist vocab! I'm looking forward to our meeting on Thursday, and hope to see more of your art...very beautiful! God Bless.

  3. Thanks, Vicky! Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.

    Andria, you certainly do talk like an artist. See you soon!

  4. I love your picture! The rose has to be the queen of all flowers and who doesn't think of their mother as a queen? ; )

    Your painting is wonderful... sigh... lol


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