Today's ordinary thing is ducking. As in, duck and cover. What you do when you're walking a trail and encounter a hoard of bees swarming above you, buzzing and clouding the air just inches from your head. Rather disturbing. So. My pal and I were walking the Lacamas Heritage Trail this morning when we came upon said swarm. There was no place to detour around the bees, just brush and trees. We mustered our courage and walked forward, one bee veering close to my pal, the zuzzing sounds in our ears. I ducked and breathed and tried to act as if nothing were unusual so as not to offend the bees.

It worked.

That little swoop of movement, perhaps named after a duck's habit of dipping head first. That humbling sort of bow you use in a pinch. What does it make you think of?

Write the story of the last time you had to duck. Did you, or did you not, avoid an undesirable outcome?

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