Disruptions can frustrate the writer, no end. We keep our lives in precarious balance, with just so much time to write. And then writing time gets pushed back by other demands (often attached to other people) which sound out louder and more urgent. When our inward frustration is screaming like a teakettle, we remember how we once set down our writing hopes and plans. Carefully and deliberately, we filled that kettle and placed it on the stove. How could we have forgotten? Is this ever going to work? Doesn't anyone notice the chaos we feel? Who will take that thing off the burner?

Our writing needs us - and we need it, too. One artist, when out of sorts, gets asked by his wife if he's painted that day. She gently reminds him to do so, to feel like himself again.

Often we must do our own nudging. Getting into rhythm can be hard. It's especially hard after disruptions: schedule changes, holidays, vacations, the needs of our family. Right now, with my kids returning to school, I'm thrown off by the driving and planning and general fall mayhem that has ensued. What happened to my beautiful schedule and those times for solitary creating?

It can help, just knowing other creators feel the same way. Last night at Wildfire Writing, the entire group felt the flux that circles this change of seasons. We talked about disruptions involving children, health, work. When things get crazy, there's nothing like a group of encouraging writers to remind you who you really are - even if you haven't written for days.

Disruptions are frustrating, and frustrating, and frustrating. Life is full of disruptions. You are still who you are, though. Keep breathing; you'll find a way to get back where you need to be. Tend that kettle. Have some tea.

What was the last disruption you experienced?

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  1. I have a hard time focusing - unless I am in my writing zone. I really need peace and quiet. I have four children - they are usually my disruption.

    I have done a post on what makes me feel young - writing can bring me that kind of feeling - what makes you feel young?


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