Nail Polish

Pink, or silver, mauve or black. The smooth shine of nail polish can accentuate the hands or draw attention to toes. Once upon a time, polished nails represented in my young mind the epitome of sophistication and capability - and I watched with fascination as my role model created her flawless manicures. Names have been changed in this memoir excerpt, "Stroke of Red," just out in Sub-Scribe Magazine.

Write a memory with nail polish in it.

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  1. This is not a memory, but an ongoing situation. I've always liked to wear red nail polish (on my toes only; I dislike fingernail nail polish). At the moment though I can't because I have some kind of odd toe condition, I'm thinking, brought on by the tropics. It seems to be growing out though, after a year, and I'm hopeful to be wearing my red nail polish again soon....

    Ah, that's an excerpt, in sub-scribe. I really liked it, as I said. How far into it are you?


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