Yup. I'm back. And glad to be.

Blogging vs. Networking Energy.
There's something sneaky about social networking: it puts a face, or many faces (even cartoons and avatars) on "those people out there whom I want to talk to." Which is not a bad thing.

Until I lose my urge to communicate with "those people out there," whoever they are, my readers.

Social networking gives me the idea, the illusion really, that I'm communicating. It takes away my hunger to share with my reader - who in reality, is more or less unknowable, anonymous.

When I social network, I lose steam for the blog. I only have so much "cyber energy" to begin with! Journaling and writing get my best attention.

And so I apologize to my blog readers for my nearly month-long absence. Part of it was busy-ness. Part of it was letting my leftover energy go to Facebook. When I blog, I may not have many cute little faces to look at (except those of you who identified yourselves - thanks!), but I care about sharing with you.

Energy Leaks.
I once heard an author speak on her policy never to talk about what she's working on. Was it because she wanted to protect her ideas? No, she explained. It was because if she began speaking about her project, she would lose that energy that whispers at the base of your skull, at the tips of your typing fingers, Gotta tell someone . . . Once she'd gotten that story told, she would lose the need to write it.

So watch for energy leaks and drains. Be mindful of your goals - even small actions may contribute to something much bigger and more meaningful. At the same time, even small energy leaks can detract from your purpose.

What are some ways you preserve your energy for writing?


  1. This is wonderful! I never thought about the reality that once you speak your story the energy of it is already out of your soul, so that writing it now is even more difficult. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. Tina, glad it made sense to you. And yet, when I'm in a talkie mood, it's challenging to follow!


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