Roads I've Walked

There are routes we take regularly, whether to school, places of work, church, or Grandmother’s house. Anymore these are driven by car. But what about the roads and paths in our lives which we’ve walked, ran, bicycled, sledded?

Here are some roads I remember.
Kindergarten. I learned to walk to school, wait for stoplights, and look both ways for traffic in busy south Seattle. It seemed like such a long way.

Second grade. From our new apartment, up the hill to the elementary. After moving from our urban neighborhood, these trees along the sidewalk seemed so beautiful.

Third grade. The way to my best friend Jean’s house, a straight shot from our apartment, but down several blocks. I felt so independent, riding my bike.

Ninth grade. I walked the mile or so from our quiet farm-edged neighborhood to my first job, a short-lived position at Dairy Queen.

Questions for you.
What are the roads you’ve walked?

What about regular routes you drove?

What was the scenery you saw along the way?

What was the longest walk you've taken?

What adventures did you have along the road?

What accidents did you have on these journeys?


  1. Hey Christy,

    We lived on the family farm, just a mile out of Condon. I've driven that road more times than it's possible to know, drove it, biked it, horsed it and hoofed it. And from the house, we could tell when someone was coming by the fan tail of dust that came up before a car did.

    When I moved away from home, I drove a longer road home -- first from Eugene, then from Portland. I know I-84 very well and sometimes I try to step back and look at it like a person who's never seen it before. It's a beautiful drive. And then you turn off at Biggs and head to Wasco and then to Condon. When I come up to the top of the hill and see Condon for the first time, I feel the same excitement and a huge breath of relief that I didn't even know I was holding: "I'm home, I'm home, I'm home."


  2. Jackie, I love that. Traveling as if you've never seen this highway before, this wonderful road home. (Some day I've got to get to Condon!)

  3. Today's Writer's Almanac poem

    perfectly pairs with this topic.


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