Custom Made Blessing

"Long may your chimney smoke," is supposedly an old Scottish blessing. I'm sure you've heard numerous other quaint, Old World blessings, or seen them cross-stitched on a grandmother's pillow. "May the wind be always at your back," and such.

I thought it would be fun to pen a few modern-day, American blessings. Here's a poke at it . . .

May your traffic lights be green.

May your battery charger always be at at hand.

May your umbrella never blow inside out.

May you go far on sustainable fuels.

May all your trails be soft, without roots or rocks. (Contributed by my husband after we spent the day hiking.)

I know you can take my idea and improve on it. Write a blessing! Send me a note of what you came up with.


  1. May your prayers be answered faster than any comments posted on your facebook.

  2. May your blogs be overflowing with delightfully insightful comments.



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