When Adventure Knocks

"We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! I can't see what anybody sees in them...Good morning!...we don't want any adventures here, thank you! You might try over The Hill or across The Water."
--Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

When adventure knocks, do you tell it to go away?

Do you accept the challenge reluctantly?

Do you hold your breath and plunge in?

Or do you muster your courage and just do the best you can?

Write the story of an adventure declined or accepted, and what came of your choice.


  1. oh i don't know if i have a specific example, but i know i normally accept it very reluctantly and begrudgingly and by the end i think it is amazing and what life is all about!

  2. Andy, so great that you finally get moving and realize the amazement of it all!


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