The Many Hats of Writers and Artists

I love creators who wear many hats with grace. I'm always observing their process, trying to learn what works for them and might work for me also. One of these amazing people is Julia Stoops, business owner, artist, novelist, her roots reaching across the hemisphere. Enjoy this intriguing interview of Julia by Laura Stanfill (another writer who wears many hats, some she has hand-knitted herself)!

Especially I'm interested in how Julia's art informs her writing, and vise-versa. Here is "John Nelson" the main character in Julia's novel. In this painting, I see his confusion and wonderment in the midst of a complex world, a rain of violence and the bright touch of hope.

Whether or not you consider yourself a "real artist", draw or paint a sculpt a character you've been thinking about.

*Every five-year old kid is a real artist, and if you will let that kid inside take over, you'll find the artist as well.

**Use play-doh

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