TV Stint


Came across my Oregon Field Guide TV appearance with the Mazamas. (Around 2:34, after the nighttime segment.) That's me in the red shirt, reminding my present-day self that it's time for spring hiking! I'd love to be a hiking maniac like I was at the time of this video.

Then again, one can't do everything. I've had to give up some of those hikes and walks in exchange for starting a business, completing five books, writing articles and short stories, penning a couple collections of poems, seeing my daughters through their busy high school years, writing two blogs, and maintaining a modicum of order in my home.

The key, I've found, is not insisting that everything be done one hundred percent. Don't get into all-or-nothing mode. It's okay to do summa-dis, summa dat, a lil more of dat. Like so. Life is an adventure when you aren't set on living a panorama of perfection.

That being said, gonna get me another red shirt.

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