At My Desk

On my desk is a pencil holder, small, with rounded square corners, brown and green with floating specks of deep green, like algae. Compact. Tidy. Made by my friend Tory, who has a place for everything and yet isn't regimented or close-minded, but remains creative and green with growth.

The pot is smooth and cool to the touch. I love the gently squared sides of this mostly round thing - each side like a choice. It is all right to make decisions, have transitions, compartmentalize when the occasion calls for it.

This is a vessel filled with opportunity - pens - I can write! Pencils - I can print small and erase. It also holds a bottle of white-out, so if need be, I can obliterate everything.

I delight to have handmade pottery close by. I delight that organized Tory has helped me place things where they belong.

Study an object on your desk. See things you never noticed before. Write them down.

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