Flattened by Writer's Block?

It happens when you make a move to write, but your critical mind won't let you out from underneath. You had a good idea, just moments ago, but now, staring at the computer screen or the blank paper, you can't think of anything worthwhile. You ask yourself: why would anyone read this anyway?

In Wildfire Writing classes, we help all kinds of blocked writers to find freedom from the tyrant of the critical mind. Recent writers saved from "the block" include a retired engineer, an oceanographer, a business coach, an elementary school teacher who had avoided writing for decades, an artist, and a children's writer.

Your amazing creative ideas are there, underneath the surface. They've been flattened, is all. The right coaching and instruction can make all the difference! I'd love to hear from you at c dot krug at comcast.net.

(Thanks to cartoonist and writer Jeff Englund for the great illustration!)

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