Taking the Long View

Our society tempts us into quick fixes, to make a buck, to get by. But as writers, we are called upon to take the long view of our lives. We ask questions such as: What am I passionate about? How am I using my gifts right now? Where do I see myself in five years? In ten years? How can I make my talents and passions a bigger part of my life? Not long ago, I wrote in my journal:

How different it would be if I looked patiently at the long view of my life. I wouldn't jump into so many temporary fixes; activities just to quell the waiting.

Working and waiting go hand in hand. Choosing the writing also means facing the dilemma of living with the writing, working at it, revising, struggling, sharing. In order to go through these actions, we need to have a greater vision than just getting by in the day-to-day. You have chosen to write, to make a way for writing in the busyness of all your other responsibilities. You have taken the longer view.

Where are you taking the short-term urgent view of your life? Where are you looking at the l-o-n-g haul? Write about this.


  1. I am getting a little old to take the long view. But I should be patient and avoid another mishap like I wrote about in my last blog. Miss you Christi!

  2. I love your sidebars on this page!!!

  3. Theresa, thanks for the notes! Miss you in Wildfire Writing classes! You make a good point, about factoring in one's age. What comes to mind is that the native Americans had a tradition of making decisions not based on themselves, or their children or grandchildren: but on the future of their great-great grandchildren. So you have a pretty long view to consider after all!


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