Bored? Stand on your Head!

Bored. Tired. I've been feeling a little of the former, thinking it was the latter. Ever notice how a creative thought energizes you? By contrast, a dreary routine saps your energy, just by being the same, day after day.

After starting this post, I stood on my head. Not very well ("crow" pose, in yoga, aided by a chair), but no matter. I'm paying attention to the routines I've turned into energy-drains. I'm realizing, I'm the one in charge here.

If my day is no fun, I'm the only person who can add an interesting, different twist. Even if I'm doing work I love, doing it the Exact Same Way every day, with no change, no possibilities for growth, it gets . . . yawn. What was I saying?

Mix it up today, even in a small way.

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