Writer's Block in a Swimming Pool

From masters swim team member Rob Seemann, who is also an accomplished trainer: "Yesterday I swam my 3000 meters at Mt. Hood Community College pool. I was distraction free, engaged in the swimming of laps." Rob goes on to explain that though he's sometimes had writer's block, he's never had "swimmer's block." He muses, "I suppose that the equivalant of writer's block for a swimmer might look like treading water.

"'Oh, no,' says the swimmer. 'I have swimmer's block. I can't swim today. I'll just hold onto the edge here and not swim. Hm. Hm. Getting kind of cold here. Still, not gonna move those arms in any way that might resemble a stroke. Not gonna do it. It's just not coming to me today. Best get out of the pool!'"

As Rob points out, 'swimmer's block' sounds ludicrous. Yet how many of us have succumbed to writer's block by giving up, saying we just didn't have it in us for whatever reason? If you're treading water in your creative life, just start moving, regardless how you feel. As you take action, you'll warm up, and before you know it you'll have put in a pretty good session.

What area of life do you find never gets blocked for you? Why? How can you act similarly toward your writing?

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