Priorities, Again

I'm constantly evaluating, re-evaluating, and shifting my priorities to make room for my creativity. Sometimes all this thinking makes me weary. But I do appreciate the fact that I'm allowing myself to change, to like new things, and to let go of what I've outgrown.

I had this in mind when I wrote about the Big Rocks. Also, when weighing things for my backpack adventure on the Camino de Santiago.

If we don't re-evaluate, we'll often get stuck doing something in a way that no longer serves. So it was that the trip required me to look at my life then and now. 

On my first Camino trip, ten years ago, I took granola bars, hair conditioner, skirt. Mistakenly, I thought I'd need a water purifier. None of these went into my backpack the second trip.  

But now I added reading glasses, my Kindle, orthotics for my boots.

I've become far-sighted. My ankles are vulnerable after an injury. I'm more comfortable going without makeup and hair products. I weigh fifteen pounds less than I did ten years ago, and I don't eat granola bars.

We're going to change, along with our bodies and families. We need to be conscious of this as we hold forth our priorities.

Are you still operating on last decade's priorities? What has changed? What do you no longer need? What are craving creatively? Where are you needing more support?

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