Rain Bonnet Redux: When You'd Rather Be Writing Something Else

It's raining. Hard.

Rain leads me to . . . the rain bonnet.

I cringe. I smile. 

The rain bonnet has become a symbol of accepting what shows up for me - even if it's dorky, obsolete, boring.

It all started with one simple little post about rain bonnets. And then, before I knew it, blog visitors from all over the world were searching for "rain bonnet" and landing here.

It wasn't a topic I meant to revisit. I never meant to be writing about rain bonnets. This blog is called "Kindling" - building fire and the passion for creativity.

But I have to talk about rain bonnets now. Or I don't.

Thing is, I could ignore this weird thing that has happened. I could close up shop. "I refuse to blog  about headgear for humidity. What more can be said about the damn things, anyway?"

But being a creative person doesn't mean I can focus only on what appeals to me. I have to accept the less-than-ideal projects that keep showing up in my creative life.

Over the past week, different writers in my classes have mentioned similar issues.

One writer wanted to craft her short stories, but found herself needing to write articles for a real estate publication. Another writer dreamed about unwritten essays while discounting her work for a farmer's market, where she provided crisp, enticing copy. And yet another writer hesitated before sharing her nonprofit newsletter instead of her novel.

Hey, we live in a world where a million things show up we never planned. Where not every project is sexy. Where we can chip away at a seeming boring task - and yet bring our hearts to it.

What is your rain bonnet?  What would you rather be creating? How can you bring joy and acceptance into what you are actually doing today?  

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