Your Emotional Power as a Writer

Our emotions hold incredible creative power.

And this power frightens us.

So often, there are emotions you and I are not willing to feel in our lives. We shut them down, and in so doing we choke off creative power. I've met creators who refuse to face their sadness, or who constantly deny their anger, or who forever scuttle shame under the rug.

I've worked with many incredibly talented people who procrastinate "doing something" with their writing because it requires they visit these emotions much more than they are willing.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you feel it in your gut right now?

What I've discovered is, I don't have to be superhuman to reach others with my art. I don't have to be a different person, or have some other kind of life. All I have to do is to be willing to feel.

If you want your stories, blog posts, essays, or journal entries to resonate . . . or if you feel your painting or pottery or jewelry creations lack depth, it may be that you are tamping down your emotions. Therein lies the power. You must first be willing.

Writing Prompts for  Emotional Power: 

Set a timer for 10 minutes, start with the prompt, and write without stopping until the time is up. 

1) When I feel __________, I am afraid that, ____________________.

2) The emotion I'm avoiding right now is ________________. What it brings to mind is: _________________.

3) I am willing to feel ___________, even if it makes me _____________.

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