Snail Conversations and Ordinary Things

A couple months ago, having a rough day, I went for a hike and came across a snail. I crouched down. We had a bit of conversation.


Not worried about the situation
he's making some tiny progress.
Doesn't care how long it takes
or how small he is in the world,
or how quiet,
in this task of being.

Last week I was finding snails everywhere.

The above guy, as well as a dozen others were spaced along the Cape Horn Trail near the Columbia River.

Below,  "Snails" by Christine Bourdette, at the Fields city park.

I guess at the moment snails are my totem animal--er, mollusk.

"The whole world is a series of miracles," wrote Hans Christian Andersen, "but we're so used to them we call them ordinary things."

Writing Prompts for you:

Is there an ordinary thing that keeps showing up for you? 

What are you tempted to overlook as ordinary, which might carry a message? 

Where is your life "boring" where you want it to be "glamorous"? What can you learn from this?

Are you at peace with your pace of creating? 

What burden are you carrying? 

How might you simplify your life today?

What smallness can you celebrate? 

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