Building Creativity, Creatively

We tend to think we need everything just right in order to do that special thing: to pick up that paintbrush or take that dance class, or especially, to write that novel, story, or poem. 

In these first weeks of fall, we may feel like putting off writing until after the kids are  settled in school, after we've recovered from that first seasonal cold, or after we've adjusted to our new commute.

Forever waiting for the "right" time and conditions, we're succumbing to the illusion that these conditions will exist, ever. If we're going to do the work we truly want to do, we must give it priority now regardless of what is happening in our world. 

“You can't use up creativity. 
The more you use, the more you have.”  
--Maya Angelou

Train yourself to write despite less than ideal circumstances. You can:
  • Write in the parked car waiting for a kid to be done with a guitar lesson.
  • Write during a wait in the doctor’s office.
  • Write while on hold (&@%$*!) with customer service.
  • Write in yoga class.
  • Write in the grocery store line.

What should you write if you can’t think of anything? Just make a couple of notes about the story you would write if you had more time. As you pen those thoughts and ideas, you just might find yourself writing the actual story.

What conditions are you waiting for before you'll write or create? (Smoother schedule, fewer disruptions, more time, better health, more stability, etc.)

How can you creatively find a way around your less-than-ideal conditions? 

Can you view your current "interruption" or challenge as your main creative path right now? 

In what ways can you apply your boundless creativity and imagination to this situation?  

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