If I could write anything and not fail . . .

I would take you by the hand and give you a new world to belong to, mull over, wonder about.

I'd confront the falsehoods and lies I see in the little pockets of culture to which I belong.

I would be playful and nonsensical and reinvent my own name, like Charles Dodgson.

I'd write my husband a poem that says how much I love him.

I'd write to end factions, halt war, join this country's reds and blues into a lovely purple.

I'd make little children say, "Read it again! Read it again!"

I wouldn't be embarrassed to tell anyone, "No. Can't do that. Gotta write today."

I'd hurry up and give 'em what they want: the next book.

What about you? To start, all you need is to imagine.

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