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What's Your Biggest Distraction From Writing?

The Very Small Poll which I took last month indicated that the number one distraction for writers was their job.

What if you could find a job that supported your writing world? Or what if you could work less? Or NOT buy the newest house, car, or latest crate of unnecessary objects at Costco?

When I left my traditional job, I read the book, Your Money or Your Life and loved the sane, simple perspective it gave me on work.

The authors say: "Our world is drunk on 'more.' Your Money Or Your Life teaches 'enough.' Anyone who has read Your Money Or Your Life or who has tried even a few of the tools and ideas out in their own lives can offer others a chance to liberate themselves from overworking, overbuying, overdebting and overbusy-ness."

So I'll add my voice to those who say, look at the enormous value of your time and your writing, and balance this with the hours and energy you spend at your breadwinning job.

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