Beginning: A Month of Old

Being uninspired can be inspiring.

A couple of my favorite people to watch are ren allen and marc acito who have ventured at various times to try one new thing per day, and write about it. I love their spunk and sense of creative adventure.

Me, I am refusing to focus on the new. Instead, I've decided to take a month out and do old things. Ordinary things. So often we overlook the sturdy, serviceable activities in our lives in search of flashy inspiration. So I will let my writing and life be informed by looking at old things in new ways.

Today: the dishes.

Doing the dishes can warm your hands in cold weather, cool your hands in warm weather, and give you a chance to stand in one place, scan the empty bird feeders outside the kitchen window, and use geranium scented dish soap.

Write about doing the dishes.

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