Money and the Writer

Today's new "old thing" was writing a check. How many checks have I written in my lifetime? I used a red sharpie, swirled my signature just so. I love the fluidity of writing numbers longhand. Where else in our lives do we write, "one hundred," or "thirty-seven" or "and no/100"? There's something about the process that hearkens back a century or so. It is much more satisfying than swiping a debit card.

Which brings us to the topic of the writer and her finances. Shell Tain asks some intriguing, worthwhile questions regarding money. A money coach, Shell shared in her July newsletter about the comments she's hearing around her lately.

"It's tending to sound like: 'I can't afford this any more, I think I'll sell it.' That sounds good on the surface, but I wonder what's really going on? Afford is a powerful word. It frequently pulls us in a particular direction without deeper thought. It's a cue word. One day I can afford, the next I can't. Curious, isn't it?

Right now the economy is scary. People are afraid. They are trying to make choices that create more safety and security. All good goals. And certainly an opportunity to reassess your financial habits. But here's the rub. The "reassess" part works better if you actually stop and reassess, instead of just blindly leap into action."
--from The Money Knot, copyright 2008, Shell Tain

As a writer, your work deserves to be funded. Assess what you need, including trainings, conferences, books and classes. Make your writing a priority, realizing that although it may not supply immediate monetary payoff, it will reward you in many other ways. There is nothing more important than living a fulfilled life, becoming the best you that you can be.

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