One of the skills I value most in my life is that of weaving - the ability to switch back and forth, moving among layers and threads, letting go one strand to pick up another.

It's not something I do naturally. I'd rather hunker down and stay with one thing, my favorite thing, and not be pulled back into reality. But not only do I write, I live. I manage a business, take care of home and family, care for my physical and spiritual self. I may get pulled away from writing to answer an email from a discouraged writer, or to let the cat out, or to make a sandwich. All the threads of my life need to share the same sticky plane, where I can yet venture out on differing threads and not get stuck.

Weave, bob, pull in, let go. Use this and this and this. It's often uncomfortable. But discomfort never killed anyone.

What different threads are you weaving in your creative life? Name as many as you can. Think about your willingness to move between them.

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