Any Minute Now

The radio announcer just proclaimed that fall is starting in seven minutes. Seven minutes! How is such timing arranged? Staggering events happen at odd-numbered moments: sunsets, sunrises, births, deaths, surprises, accidents. Now add changes of season. And so at 8:44:16 a.m. Pacific Time, all is shifted.

I heard someone say that mankind's idea of a forest is having the trees spaced at regular intervals, all symmetrical, with undergrowth evenly distributed, while God's idea of a forest is irregular and clumped--and absolutely perfect. In the same way, I think if we could orchestrate all those sunsets, sunrises, births and deaths, we would time everything on the nose. Round numbers. Evenly distributed on the calendars of our lives.

What random time-of-day holds for you a special significance, and why?

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