Giving a Damn

Lisa, food writer and friend, perpetuates deliciousness in the world. For me, her blog should be called the Daily Drool. (Nice ring to it, Lisa?) She recently enjoyed the Portage Bay Cafe, with its pithy mug slogan, "Eat like you give a damn."

That works for living too, and everything worth writing about. Cissie suggested, "Breathe like you give a damn." Sure. And how about, "Walk like you give a damn," or "Pray like you give a damn," or "Listen to your children like you give a damn." And then there's "Looking out the window like you give a damn."

When you live paying attention to what's on your plate, who's before you, what's under your feet, the world is a carousel turning with wonders, curiosities, thrills, sorrows, and damnations.

Today, notice something that you usually don't give a damn about. Care about it by writing.

The word collage above is made possible by the nice folks at Wordle.

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  1. Thanks Christi! The word collage is a great example of the power and art of words. What's more I really like what you have done with the thought behind my little post. :-)

    Your posts continue to inspire me in many ways! I'm so glad you are blogging!


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